DVD 1: Take Kwon Do Basic Techniques and Stances

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A complete martial artist, in Grandmaster Cho's opinion, should be proficient in both hand and foot techniques. Though one may possess great physical strength and endurance, these components must be effectively used to produce a skillful martial artist. Since efficient movement is governed by the laws of physics that deals with the balance, motion and force, it is important that the student have at least a basic understanding of these laws.

Besides knowing how to execute the various blocks, kick, and punches, the student needs also to understand why they must be executed in specific ways. The most basic martial arts skills are the stances, because all techniques are delivered from these precise body positions.

Since there is no single stance which is effective in all situations, several must be learned. Some stances are better for defensive purposes, while others are generally superior for offensive actions. Certain stances allow one to move forward very quickly, while others permit rapid movement to either the side or to the rear.

Techniques include specific actions as punches,strikes, kicks and blocks. While the latter are considered defensive movements, they can be used offensively. Similarly,punches,strike,and kicks are primarily offensive techniques,but are sometimes used defensively to strike an attacker. In certain instances,in response to being attacked,a good offense often results in the best defense.

The beginning student will be introduced to many stances and techniques which may appear not to have any practical applications. These stances and techniques serve many purposes and develop the student's balance, muscle coordination and endurance and ultimately improve his or her ability to master more advanced skills.

When perfecting martial arts skills one should be aware that such a movement is emotionally as well as physically very healthy for an individual and is an excellent opportunity for the student to acquire an appreciation of movement.From the practical standpoint,movement can become so enjoyable that one does not see training sessions as work that must be endured to acquire skill, but rather as very pleasant, though demanding,experiences.

Although this video is titled ""Basic Stances and Techniques"" it provides the student as well as the instructor with a guide to the most important building blocks of their training.

Grandmaster Cho illustrates 10 basic stances. With the assistance of a student you will see each stance properly executed, with clear explanation of how and where your weight should be distributed for proper balance. Grandmaster Cho also discusses the muscle groups used and how to develop them to enhance your martial arts abilities. This tape also includes 30 advanced blocking , guarding and striking techniques, each explained and demonstrated for clear, easy application. This tape is an important addition to your martial arts library.

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