DVD 10: Self Defense and Falling

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The principle behind self defence techniques is to defend oneself as quickly as possible without taking unnecessary chances. Every situation is different. There are many techniques that can be applied to each, but it is necessary to evaluate the particular situation one is in and apply the self-defense strategy that insure minimal risk of injury. For example, if a 150 lb. person is attacked by a 200 lb. attacker,arm locks won't work and it may be necessary to attack a knee or groin. In street situations all kicks should be low or mid-section, unless you are sure of your speed and power.

By training in martial arts, a student will gain mental confidence and the ability not to panic in an attack. I believe that mental control is as important as your physical ability. The two together will give you the necessary combination to resist an attack.

A word of caution. The following video is designed to give you an idea of self-defense techniques. If you are not a student of martial arts you can practice these techniques with a friend, or form your own group in which you all work together to make yourselves familiar with the possibilities to counter attack an assailant. It is recommended that if you are serious about self-defense you enroll in a proper martial arts program, which will also give you the needed mental control in addition to physical strength and technique. Real self- defense cannot be learned in a few easy lessons. It takes hard work and time.

In this video, Grandmaster Cho will show you how to defend yourself with practical techniques. Learn how to defend against grabs, ( front and rear), and when to strike with your body as a weapon, and how to fall without injury. Grandmaster Cho starts with attacks from the head and works his way down to the knees. Learn the most practical and powerful techniques in each circumstance. This tape is practical and easy to learn from as well as fun.

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