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Full contact fighting is a universal martial art developed initially in the United States. It involves a comprehensive training program and total commitment. Although it developed from traditional martial arts, it has evolved into a sport, and cannot really be compared to traditional martial. Full contact is more of a sport, and less of an art.

It is not necessary to have been a black belt in a martial arts system to become a full contact fighter, although it may help. Students interested in training for full contact have to train differently than we do in traditional martial arts. In full contact the body has to be conditioned to take punishment since techniques are thrown full force to the face and body, while in traditional systems, the emphasis is on controlled techniques. The basic training for full contact fighters involves combining boxing techniques with martial arts kicks. A black belt wishing to become a contact fighter must learn basic boxing skills.

It s not only necessary to develop proper boxing ability, but also to learn to combine martial arts style kicking techniques with the boxing. Therefore it would be possible for a boxer to become a full contact fighter as easily as martial artist could. Both styles need to be modified to complement the other. unlike traditional martial arts, full contact is fought in a ring. Adapting to fighting within the confined area of a ring is often difficult for the martial artist who is used to open space fighting.

In addition, stamina has to be increased significantly since fighters throwing combinations for three minute rounds with nonstop action, and full contact fighters have to learn many new adaptations, for example, clinching, avoiding, slipping, and others.

Where areas full contact fighting is radically different from traditional martial arts systems, any advanced martial artists can adapt his or her style to full contact fighting. It is necessary to be involved in a specific full contact program taught by a professional instructor before leaping into the ring. Full contact is punishing endeavor. In order to succeed the student will have to make a solid commitment to the sport and give a lot of dedication to developing his talents. Training for a fight can be compared to a boxer training for a fight. Careful, physical preparation is necessary.

In this video, Grandmaster Cho will show you how to develop full contact fighting skills and learn effective boxing techniques to include in your martial arts training.

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