DVD 13: Dynamic Bag Workout

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There are many reasons for using the bag in the development of kicking and punching techniques, for example, in the development of power,timing,speed and judging distance. When using the bag as a beginner, it is very common for injuries to occur to the hands, feet, and joints. However, with practice and patience, the injuries will lessen and disappear and the development of technique will be greatly enhanced. There are several types if bags, each with its own purpose . The light bags, approximately 20-25 pounds, can be used for speed and balanced. Heavy bags, 40-60-85 pounds, are used primarily to increase power.Speed bags,are used to develop speed and timing.

The bag can be used in many ways. It can remain stationary or set in a swinging motion. The kicker can remain stationary are move around, depending on the application.The bag can be hit with full force or tapped lightly, using a particular technique by itself or in combination with others. In addition, kicks should be performed so that the bag is barely touched or not touched at all. This develops the balance,articular for spinning kicks, and for judging distance. It is not necessary to work out on the bag every day. If the practitioner is performing the kicks as described as above,he/she should practice every other day, concentrating on stretching and kicking the air on off days.

Since different muscle groups are involved in different kicks, rotate the bag so that each muscle group is developed. For example, roundhouse kicks and hook kicks,involve different muscle groups and should not be practiced on the same day. Also,it is desirable to rotate heavy and light bag sessions as well,performing kicks for power on one day and for speed on another.

It is important to have a routine for kicking the gag. Beginners should only perform fundamentals, such as the front snap, roundhouse, and side kicks. As the student advances more complicated kicks should be added. In any case, develop a routine for the training session and know in,advance what is to be practiced on a given day.

The bag workout should also include hand techniques. The speed and light bag can be used to develop speed, timing, and combinations. The heavier bags should be used to develop power such as in the reverse punches. As in this case, as in kicking the bag, always maintain a proper stance, as you would in an actual fighting situation. In this video, Grandmaster Cho will show you step-by-step through a series of special bag workouts to develop hand speed and punching ability as well as powerful kicks including counter attacks and jumping kicks.Each exercise is explained and demonstrated for your individual workout.

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