DVD 15: Instructor - The Complete Children's Class

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Follow Grandmaster Cho step-by-step through a series of training exercises for the adult student. Learn how to teach and motivate your students, and develop their awareness and self-confidence.

It has been said that one of the greatest honors to be earned by a martial arts student is to be asked by his or her instructor to teach others. The responsibility of teaching a martial arts class is a major undertaking for any individual no matter what his or her abilities may be. Teaching requires of the instructor not only a sound knowledge of the basic stances, techniques and proper execution of the required forms, but also be able to control a group of individuals as well as help the student who needs individual attention. An instructor has to be able to inspire his students as well as encourage them.

The instructor must be able to deal with beginning students who need practice due to the difficulty in training. Also, children have a limited attention span and must be encouraged as well as developed individuals.

The purpose of martial arts training is to develop individuals mentally, physically and spiritually, and the responsibility of the instructor is complex but also can be enjoyable.

Follow Grandmaster Cho step-by-step through series of training exercises for young students. Learn how to control and inspire children and develop their character through the martial arts.

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