DVD 19: Highlights of Tapes 18

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This tape highlights all 18 tapes included in the complete martial arts video library . See excerpts of each tape, so that you can choose which would be greatest value to you.

Traditional martial arts have always taught fighting techniques based on the standard blocks, stances, and punches. Because of Grandmaster Cho's training as a boxer,he has realized that while these traditional techniques are worthwhile, they are not as effective in fighting situations as proper boxing skills.

In this tape, Grandmaster Cho instructs you in the basics of his proven boxing techniques. Foot-work such as stances, movement, avoiding and exiting are taught as well as the proper and most effective hand techniques-jabs, crosses, hooking punches, upper-cuts and straight punches. Working with targets,training both solo and with a partner, sparring safely, conditioning, shadow-boxing bag training for boxers are covered in detail.

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