DVD 2: The Complete Stretch

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One of the most beneficial physical fitness exercises is stretching. In order to gain the maximum benefit from the martial arts it is necessary to stretch properly. The degree which a skilled craftsmen can achieve his or her goals depends in large measure apon available tools. Athlete's chief tools are their bodies. They must know to prepare them for activity. Proper preperation includes a warm-up and stretching period. This should procede each athletic training session. This period is especially important for martial arts training because flexibility is a basic requirement for successful performance of most martial arts skills. Exercise for the upper body con- centrate on the muscles on the sides and back of neck (trapezius),the shoulder muscles(deltiods), the upper back muscles(latissimus dorsi),the lower back muscles (lumber muscles), the chest muscles( pectorials major and minor), the abdominal muscles,and the waist (oblique) muscles. These muscle groups keep the body and head erect, hold the internal organs in place, and are used in raising, and lowering and rotating the arms, head, and upper torso. As the back and neck muscles are especially subject to the stiffening effects of aging and stress, flexibility and strengthening exersises for these areas cannot be neglected. For flexibility in the legs, hips, and groin area,you must work the sartorius, or hamstring muscles, the quadriceps muscle in the back of the upper leg, and the gastrocnemius or calf muscle. Flexibility also depends on having a complete range of motion in the knee,ankle and hip joints. Although the follow- ing exercises for these range from begining to very advanced, the beginner can try almost every exersise if he is careful to perform each one at his own level.Make sure you stretch only to the point of tension,hold at that point,relax,and then return to your maximum stretch. Through slow,steady stretching you will be able to achieve the more advanced positions. In this video, Grand Master Cho will demonstrate each stretching exersise begining whith the neck muscles and working down to the ankles. Each muscle group will be discussed and it's importance demonstrated to develope the range of movement in the joints of the body. Grandmaster Cho will show you how to stretch,using 5 or 6 different methods to stretch each muscle group, as well as the use of simple training aids that can be found in the home.

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