DVD 3: One Step & Three Step Sparring

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One step and three-step fighting techniques are pre-arranged attacking movements which are performed in concert by two participants. Students pair off, and one employs various combinations of blocking and counterattacking techniques against the others punching or kicking attacks.

These fighting techniques are among the best methods of the familiarizing students with punching,kicking,blocking and all other basic movements. They develop student's attitudes for rapid and accurate counterattacks,for moving at the right time to the opponent's vital spot. Because of their effectiveness in developing student skills, they are essential preparation for free fighting activities. It is very important to know the striking and blocking points of the body and to select them appropriately. Focusing the strength of the entire body upon these points must be practiced for the best results in defending and attacking.

The importance of strong, basic striking and blocking techniques begin with the proper stance, progressing to the efficiency and rapidity of the hand techniques and moving to the power and longer striking range of foot techniques.

Twenty-one step and fifteen three-step fighting techniques are presented in this video. Of course, hundreds of combinations and variations can results from each of the techniques introduced, and this video is not intended to enumerate all these possibilities. Rather , each technique presented is meant to embody the countless variations,to be a prototype representing a wide range of possibilities. In this way, each technique should be considered a basic one which students can themselves adapt and use efficiently during free-fighting. In this video, Grand Master Cho will demonstrate over 35 one-step and three-step sparring techniques and show you how to develop timing,speed and how to avoid various attacks.

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