DVD 4: Tae Kwon Do Hyung (1-10)

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The martial arts develop more than physical fitness, conditioning, and fighting skill. They go beyond self-defense. They are a means to an end: the process of self-improvement starts with knowing yourself and defining what you can and cannot do. This knowledge inspires confidence, which results in a sense of achievement and success. You develop a philosophic foundation of living and of coping with life's difficulties, and you learn how to persevere. The martial artist carries his training into every part of his life. He applies creative and positive methods of thinking not only in his training, but also in the way he treats his family and friends. Thus, the martial arts are a way of defending yourself as well as a means of achieving self realization. The philosophy of Tae Kwon Do has always emphasized moral, spiritual and physical growth. These qualities are best demonstrated by means of martial arts forms (hyung), which are one of the most important aspects of the traditional values. While many authorities have expressed concerns over the modernization of traditional martial arts, others suggest that the more recent forms are the latest step in the evolution of Tae Kwon Do and thus should replace all prior forms. For traditional values to survive they must continue to be documented as well as taught. General Choi was the first to document the 20 forms in his book, "Tae Kwon Do". Others have further supplemented General Choi's book, which has allowed the 20 forms to endure. Through the forms, the martial arts student develops physical and mental discipline. He in effect, become more physically and mentally fit. He develops balance control, coordination, speed and agility. He also develops strength and endurance. He learns about his own physical self. He comes to understand the nature of motion and change. He also learns how to concentrate and empties his mind of conscious thought so that his body can move more spontaneously. Though the forms, the martial arts student moves toward greater unity of mind and body. He is then able to direct this energy towards other goals in life, whatever they may be. As the martial arts student masters forms, he will come to realize that this learning process has touched him not only physically but intellectually. They make use of your internal muscles as well as your external ones. Forms not only get the outside of your body into shape, they exercise the muscles inside your abdomen and back, which support your external organs. As your body gets stronger with exercise, so will your mind. The forms require as much mental effort as physical effort, so they provide your mind with healthy exercise. You will find in time that you will be able to actually increase your intellectual capabilities through your martial arts training. You can also learn to think more logically and more clearly.

In each video, Grandmaster Cho will demonstrate each of the 20 original forms, first in slow motion and then at regular speed. With the assistance of a student you will see how to correct common errors and properly execute each form. These tapes are a must for the Tae Kwon Do student who want to learn the proper way to execute each form. "

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