DVD 41 Instinctive Self-Defense for Women

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Demonstrated by Cynthia Rothrock, the 10 master moves to Instinctive Self-Defense for women that can help any women, at any age or level of fitness, to develop the skill, savvy and confidence to protect herself. Learn how a simple twist or kick can temporarily disable an attacker; how shifting your balance can throw him off guard and how to condition your reflexes for the kind of lightning quick action that can get you out of danger fast. The program includes a unique workout session to improve your fitness level while learning the art of self-defense.

Don't be a victim... You can learn to defend yourself with these videos! Standford University's Dr. Karl Pribram - world renowned for discovering how visual learning occurs - provided the scientific validation of a process known as SyberVision. This process was used to develop learning videos for many major sports. Grandmaster Hee Il Cho and Ms. Cynthia Rothrock were chosen by the developers of the SyberVision Visual Learning Series to develop a practical self-defense system.

FBI statistics say over 13 thousand crimes occur each year - and that a violent crime occurs every 2 seconds. The Instinctive Self-Defense System was developed to prevent you from becoming a victim. Violence does not discriminate. You can defend yourself should a confrontation arise. Learn simple and effective techniques right in your own home. Get fit, be confident, and be ready!

How you learn the system:

1. Introduction: An introduction to the program and instructors.
2. The 10 Master Moves: Ten techniques that are simple, powerful and crippling to your attacker. Each technique is repeated in regular and slow motion. You will follow along with ease.
3. Simulated Attacks: You will learn how to apply the Ten Master Moves. Each technique is demonstrated on various simulated attacks. As each technique is repeated they will become natural to you... Instinctive.
4. The Master Moves Workout: A cardio-strength building exercise routine designed to stretch, stengthen, tone and enhance your physical fitness and ability to execute the ten master moves effectively.

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