DVD 6: Dynamic Kicking

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Kicking is an integral part of any martial art system. Depending on the system, kicks receive a wide range of emphasis. Based on the experience of Grand master Cho, kicking has been developed scientifically and each technique broken down into its component parts. Each kicking technique will be analyzed into its components such as balance, weight shift, torque,impact, and follow-through and will be demonstrated in detail. Of course,kicking is very difficult to learn and re- quires much patience. The primary reason is that when kicking, the balance must be maintained on one leg while the whole body executes the technique. In some cases, the kicks are performed in a spinning motion,or while in the air which are even more difficult. However, kicks are extremely powerful if performed correctly,and since the legs are longer than the arms,they provide additional reach.

Kicking as demonstrated in this video,does not imply only high kicking. The most powerful kicks are no higher than the waist. If the student feels he or she is inflexible, and therefore unable to learn to kick, this should not be a factor since most kicks are not performed while flying through the air or to an opponent's face. As far as realism is concerned, the low to middle level kicks are the most useful.

In this video, Grand Master Cho will show you how to develop the the most important kicking techniques. In addition, he will show you how to develop those muscle groups associated with each kick for maximum power and also proper stretching for maximum flexibility. Irrespective of your martial arts style or discipline, this tape will add to your martial arts abilities.

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