DVD 7: Dynamic Jump Kick

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In this video, jumping kicks will be emphasized primarily as counter attacks. While these kicks can be used effectively for high section attacks and to move forward, they are especially effective for jumping backwards in order to counter attack an opponent.

In many instances martial artists move out of the way of an attacker or simply run backwards in order to avoid an opponent. While this technique may be effective in some instances, it is more effective to launch a counterattack against an aggressive attack. This is due to the fact that an attacker may open him or herself up while attacking and thus be very susceptible to a counter move.

In this video, various methods of counter attacking will be described, such as jumping, jamming, dropping and front leg kicks. Timing and speed training is essential if the counter attack is to be used properly. This arsenal of techniques provides the fighter with a whole series of moves that will enable him or her to handle any opponent, large or small.

In this video, Grand Master Cho will show you how to develop the most important jump kicking techniques. In addition, he will show you how to develop these muscles groups associated with each kick for maximum power and also proper stretching for maximum flexibility. Irrespective of your martial arts style or discipline, this tape will add to your martial arts abilities.

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