DVD 8: Grandmaster Cho's Unique Workout System

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There are numerous basic components to total fitness, among which are strength, cardiovascular fitness, speed, coordination, and muscle flexibility. Any sensible, well-thought-out exercise program will include different types of activities, each of which will help promote the development of one or more of the components of total fitness. Exercise can be divided into two categories: Anaerobic exercises, which focus on your heart's ability to pump oxygen to the muscles through the bloodstream. Strength is achieved through short bursts of exercises lasting 30 to 50 seconds and performed against resistance. These are the anaerobic exercises, and they include weight lifting, working out on universal or nautilus-type weight machines, and sprinting.

The way to make a muscle stronger is to stretch that muscle while it contracts. In weightlifting, your muscles actually stretch before the weight starts to move. The first time that you lift a weight, you use only a few of your muscle fibers. But with each successive lift, you use more fibers until the muscle eventually begins to accumulate breakdown products of metabolism and becomes acidic. Since muscle acidity restricts the number of fibers that can contract, you lose the effectiveness of such strengthening exercises after the brief initial burst-10 to 12 repetitions for weight lifters or 100 to 250 yards for sprinters.

Cardiovascular fitness or endurance is achieved through continuous, moderate exercise over periods of no less than 10 minutes. These are the aerobic exercises, and they include cycling, rowing, swimming, jogging, dancing, jumping rope, and brisk walking.

In the cardiovascular or endurance activities, the heart muscle itself is the one receiving the workout. The body's muscles demand a continuous, elevated supply of oxygen during a work out.Your heart is like a balloon that relaxes to fill with blood and then squeezes this blood from its chambers to the rest of your body. The more blood you have inside your heart when the muscle contracts, the greater the resistance the heart muscle encounters and the stronger it becomes.

In this video, Grand Master Cho will show you how to develop your own personal work out program. Follow a step-by-step series of full- body exercises. GrandMaster Cho will show you the proper use of weight training, bag workout, boxing technique and other necessary exercises for the development of the complete martial artist.

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