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An important aspect of the martial arts is breaking. Breaking techniques are used as a part of promotional testing. It allows students to demonstrate their power, timing, and sense of distance. The achievement of these goals helps students develop the confidence necessary to break boards and concrete. In the past, competition between students was minimal. Instead, students who wished to show their development and prowess fought animals such as bulls and wild boars and broke stones and tees. In those times, hands and feet had massive callous development and were lethal. Today, hands and feet are not so developed. Students use many tricks in breaking, such as using spacers between bricks or very breakable wood. Today's students are not as sincere or humble when breaking. Whether the student is breaking a board or ten, it isn't important how many are broken, but how many are broken, but how well it is done, utilizing perfect technique and sincerity. The area of the hand and foot has to be developed and prepared for breaking techniques to avoid injury. What good is it to break ten bricks and break your hand or foot while performing this feat?

Executing techniques against a bag, using a conditioning board, and other exercises help develop callouses on the knuckles and feet. Once this has been achieved, total concentration and confidence are necessary. There will be pain, but if the student has trained properly, it will be minimal. People brag about breaking ten bricks or boards, but who knows what kind of wood and stone was used? If very had wood, such as oak, is used, breaking one board will be very difficult. What is important is the technique and concentration, not the quantity.

It is important to keep in mind that the purpose of this video is to develop techniques and application to real life situations. By concentrating only on braking boards and bricks, the student will limit his/her development. Once techniques have been developed sufficiently by stretching, performing basic exercises, kicking the bag, doing forms, and developing an overall knowledge, breaking can be performed very naturally, without hesitation and with total confidence.

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