Practical Tae Kwon Do 1: Defense Against a Grappler (VHS)

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PART 1: Defensive Strikes

Defending against a grappler. A grappler can be a dangerous opponent. Learn how to effectively use striking technique to neutralize the grapplers attack. This important video teaches the strategies and techniques that will better prepare you to remain on your feet. Discover why so many fighters fail when facing a grappler by using the wrong strategies and techniques. A detailed explanation on what not to use. Learn the proper techniques that will prepare you to face and grappler: Stance:1) Lower base stance; 2) the sprawl Footwork Strikes with the hand and elbow: Front Punch, Back Punch or Downward Punch. Uppercut, Straight Arm Knife-hand, Downward Elbow, Side Elbow, Slashing Elbow, Vertical Elbow, Circle Palm Strike. Tiger Mouth Strikes with kicks: Cut Kick Outside Pressing Kick, Back Knee Strikes and kicks from the mount position: Downward Punch, Hook Punch, Double Hook Punch, Tiger Mount (Keep elbows in) Knife-hand, Palm Strikes, Head Butt, Downward Elbow (Kick to groin (to get leg inside legs). Outside heal to side of leg. Strikes and kicks from the guard position, Hair Pull, Uppercut, Hooks, Upper Palm, Tiger Mouth Heels to kidneys, Heels to legs, Hook kick around head.

PART 2: Strategies

This section will teach you the realistic applications that will ensure you success when facing any kind of stand up attacker with highly effective low kicks. Discover the strategies and proper execution of advanced low kicking. See how low kicks will set up your punching skills, and become proficient, at combining your fight arsenal by utilizing all your weapons: Low kicks, Front leg cut kick, Rear Leg Cut Kick, Outside pressing Kick, Heel Stomp, Front Leg Hook Kick, Side Kick, Spin Wheel Kick, Front Knee, Rear Knee (Inside strategies with hand and elbows: Spin Hammer Fist, Spin Elbow & Grab head skip knees how to hold neck, Heel Stomps from inside foot to foot sweep. How to hold your opponent, Head-butt from the clinch, Blocking the knee in the clinch leg across his leg, Pulling the back in when opponent is holding you for the skip knee. Elbow blocks for the wild right or left punch.


Demonstrate all techniques on bag and the different targets. Combination on the shields and heavy bags.

This video is currently only available in VHS fomat.

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