Practical Tae Kwon Do 2: Grappling and Ground Fighting (VHS)

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In this extremely important video, you will learn the necessity of adding grappling skills to your Martial Arts System. To neglect incorporating grappling, you are at a distinct disadvantage in a fight. Chokes, throws, arms locks, leg locks positioning realistic street encounter. This highly informative tape is broken down into five sections. 1. Chocking Techniques- From every conceivable position (standing and ground) from standing position from the mount-when opponent is on his belly, from the guard leg choke from rear of opponent or leg choke from sprawl position. 2. Devastating Leg Locks 3. Effective Arm Locks 4. Practical Throws and take downs. 5. Defense against the mount and the guard. From beginner to advanced student will benefit from studying these techniques. Develop true confidence in your fighting ability by having the knowledge and skills to take your opponent to the ground or defend from the ground.

This video is currently only available in VHS fomat.

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