Practical Tae Kwon Do 3: Practical Fighting Combinations (VHS)

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Now for the first time, learn how to incorporate the 4 crucial zones of fighting. This tape will teach you how to combine your punching, kicking, take-down and submission techniques. This video is broken down into 2 sections: Section 1 - Offensive Techniques. Blitz your opponent with a variety of effective and devastating techniques that will surprise and take your opponent out of his element regardless if he is a striker or grappler. Over 12 effective combinations demonstrated Section 2 - Defensive Techniques. Learn how to defend yourself utilizing the proper strategies. Know when to punch, kick, take down and make your opponent submit. Over 12 defensive techniques that will instruct you how to defend against punches, kicks, throws and knee attacks.

This video is currently only available in VHS fomat.

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