1st Dan Black Belt Program, part 1 of 2

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Accessing Both Your Mental and Physical Progress

Basic techniques:

Stance: Crane stance

Basic Combinations:

1. Down block and rising block in crane stance
2. U- shape punch in L - stance
3. Forward stance palm inward block and reverse knife hand down block


Sparring: Defensive jamming in

Fighting Techniques:
4. Jab, reverse punch and reverse knife hand
5. Jumping double reverse punch
6. Jumping in back fist
7. Pushing kick
8. Twisting kick
9. Skipping in low section side kick, mid-section side kick and

High section hook kick
10. Shuffling leg round house kick front and back
11. Back spinning hook kick , round house kick and reverse punch
12. 360 degree back spinning heel kick and round house kick w/ same leg
13. Two consecutive back spinning kicks
14. Scissor leg jumping front leg axe kick
15. Scissor legs 360- degree jumping back turning kick
16. Jumping front snap kick and round house kick

Arrangement Sparring :
17. Close fighting position

Offense: Skipping in low section side kick ,mid-section side kick and high section hook kick

Defense: Skip back , duck then hook or overhead cross
18. Close fighting position

Offensive: Back turning kick

Defense : Front leg pushing kick
19. Close fighting position

Offense : Back spinning heel kick

Defense: Jam in and take down

20. Open fighting position

Offense: Back spinning heel kick

Defense: 45 degree angle jam in left /right hook

Arrangement sparring with protective equipment.

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