Action Posters

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APC-A Poster A (color)

Poster A (color)

Caption reads: "I was born solitary and closer to nature than mankind. The strength of my spirit was created from my observation of the forces...

APC-B Poster B (color)

Poster B (color)

Caption reads: "I live at full height, gaining experience, tapping sources within myself, crucial for me as a martial artist." -Master Hee Il Cho...

APC-C Poster C (color)

Poster C (color)

22.5" x 18"

APC-D Poster D (color)

Poster D (color)

Caption reads: "Only having obtained total knowledge of yourself can you lose your ego and create a true self, one who is a visionary." -Master Hee...

APC-E Poster E (color)

Poster E (color)

Caption reads: "Life to us represents a constant challenge for improvement, a life long journey of perfecting ones own character. A quiet that ends...

APC-F Poster F (color)

Poster F (color)

Caption reads: "Physical perfection is the ultimate goal of sports; self perfection is the ultimate goal of martial arts. While physical perfection...

APC-G Poster G (black & white)

Poster G (black & white)

Caption reads: "Unless the mind is still, you cannot see anything." -Master Hee Il Cho 22.5" x 18"

APC-H Poster H (black & white)

Poster H (black & white)

Caption reads: "Silence lets me hear that inner voice which always guides my body." -Master Hee Il Cho 22.5" x 18"

APC-J Poster J (black & white)

Poster J (black & white)

22.5" x 18" Black & White