Blue Belt Program

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The Benefit Of Learning The Meaning of the Forms .

Basic Techniques :


X stance

Blocks / Defensive:

1. Knife hand ridge hand block in L stance
2. X-pressing block in forward stance
3. X-rising block in forward stance


4. Back fist in X stance
5. Downward hammer fist strike in L stance

Combination Techniques:

6. Forward stance X-pressing block and X rising block 7. Forward stance knife hand hooking block, reverse knife hand strike and lunging punch
8. Forward stance lunging punch , backward step forward stance knife hand striking and reverse punch
9. 360 degree back spinning step forward stance down block, stepping forward ,forward stance rising block and reverse punch

Fighting Techniques:

In fighting stance
10. Overhead cross
11. 180 degree reverse knife hand
12. overhead cross, reverse knife hand and reverse punch
13. Stepping in back turning kick
14. Sliding in back kick and back turning kick
15. Round house kick , back turning kick and reverse punch
16. 360 back spinning step round house kick

In riding stance
17. Left and right straight
18. Left and right hook ( short and long)
19. Left and right straight , left and right hook

Arrangement Sparring
20. Close fighting position

Offensive: Stepping in back turning kick

Defensive: Step back round house kick
21. Open fighting position

Offensive: Sliding in side kick and back turning

Defensive: Skip back and back turning kick
22. Open fighting position

Offensive: Round house kick, back turning kick reverse punch

Defensive: Step back, skip back, jumping side kick
23. Close fighting position

Offensive: Backward spinning step round house kick

Defensive: Step back round house kick

Arrangement Sparring with Protective Equipment:

Falling , Squat down side-ways fall

Self-Defense Techniques against Opposite wrist grabs; same side arm grab; Two arm grab; behind shoulder grab


ITF: Yul Gok , WTF: Tae Geuk 5- Oh Jang- Seon . Each form performed 3 times: instruction with student following, slow and normal speed by Grandmaster Cho.

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