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Difference Between Sports and Martial Arts .

Basic Techniques:


Fix L-Stance

Blocks / Defensive:

1. Circular block in forward stance
2. Knife hand rising Block in forward stance

Attacks / Offensive :

3. Horizontal elbow attack ( 2 ways ) in forward stance
4. Reverse knife-hand inward strike in forward stance,

L- stance

Combination Techniques :

5. Forward stance knife hand rising block and reverse knife

Hand strike
6. Forward stance down block , rising block and reverse punch
7. L- stance twin forearm block, knife-hand downward strike

And reverse punch to fix stance
8. Step Forward L- stance inner hammer block , backward step inner forearm block


Sparring 360 degree back spinning step
Fighting Techniques:
9. Elbow attack
10. Jumping in reverse punch
11. Back turning kick
12. Hook kick
13. Hopping, jumping side kicks

14. Sliding in hook kick and round house kick with same leg
15. Mid-section and high section round house kick
16. Two consecutive back leg round house kick
Arrangement Sparring:
17. Close fighting stance

Offense: Jumping in reverse punch

Defense: Back turning kick
18. Close fighting stance

Offense: Sliding in hook kick and round house kick

Defense: Step back round house kick
19. Close fighting stance

Offense: Mid-section and high-section round house kick

Defense: Skip back , side kick

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