Purple Belt Program, part 2 of 2

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Arrangement Sparring:

25. Open Fighting Position:

Offense: Round house kick

Defense: Side step reverse punch

26. Close Fighting Position

Offense: 360 degree back spinning step overhead cross

Defense: Jumping back turning kick

27. Open Fighting position

Offense: Front snap kick and round house kick with same leg

Defense: Side step 45 degree round house kick

28. Close fighting Position

Offense: Outside to inside crescent kick and side kick with same leg

Defense: Step back, back spinning foot sweep

Arrangement Sparring with protective equipment:

Self-Defense Techniques against :

Bear hug from behind; Bear hug front; Head lock; two hand

Front grab


Standing front fall


WTF: Tae Geuk 6 - Yook Jang-Gam

Each performed three times: Instruction with student following, slow speed and normal speed by Grandmaster Cho.

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