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Basic Techniques:

Blocks/ Defense:

1. Palm pressing block in x-stance
2. Knife hand x- rising block in L- stance

Attacks/ Offensive:
3. Arc hand knee break in forward fix stance
4. Arc hand attack in fix forward stance
5. Downward elbow attack in L-stance
6. Side way elbow attack in riding stance

Combination Techniques:
7. Step forward L-stance downward elbow attack, step forward

Forward stance horizontal elbow attack and 360 spinning
Back riding stance side way elbow attack
8. Forward stance, rising block and reverse knife hand strike ,

Step forward, forward stance outer forearm block and down block


Sparring: Exchanging step 90 degree avoiding; scissor leg

Fighting techniques :

In fighting Position
9. Exchange step 90 degree avoiding round house kick ( and 90 degree avoiding ).
10. Exchange step 90 degree avoiding back turning kick/

Back spinning kick
11. 90 degree avoiding 360 degree back spinning heel kick
12. 90 degree avoiding back turning kick
13. Scissor leg round house kick
14. Overhead cross, jumping reverse knife hand and reverse punch
15. Stepping in jumping back spinning kick
16. Outside to inside crescent / axe kick and 360 w/ same leg
17. Forward step , 360 degree back spinning jumping round house kick

Boxing Position
18. Jab, straight , hook , cross and upper cut
19. Jab, straight and jump back turning kick

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