Yellow Belt Program

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Commitment and Goal Setting

Basic Techniques:

1. Two arm block in forward stance
2. Twin forearm block in L-stance Attacks/Offensive
3. Lunging punch in L-stance
4. Reverse punch in L-stance
5. Back fist attack in walking stance and/or forward stance
6. Inward knife hand strike in walking stance and /or forward stance
7. Knife hand strike in L-stance

Combination Techniques:
8. Down and rising block in forward stance
9. Down block and reverse punch in forward stance
10.Outer forearm block and reverse punch in forward stance
11.Inner forearm block and reverse punch in L-stance

Basic: Stepping Backward
Sparring: Crossing step

Sparring Techniques:
12.Double reverse punch
13.Horizontal knee attack
14.Crossing over step round house kick
15.Back leg round house kick
16.Sliding in side kick
17.Outside to inside crescent kick
18.Inside and outside crescent kick
19.Font snap kick and reverse punch

Arrangement Sparring Technique:
20. open fighting position Offense: Back leg round house kick Defense: Step back, reverse punch
21.Close fighting position offense sliding in a side kick defense step back ,( Step back), reverse punch
22. Close fighting position
Offense: Front snap kick and reverse kick
Defense: Step back, double reverse punch

Arrangement sparring with protective equipment.
One step sparring techniques #6 to #10.

ITF: Tan-Gun
WTF: Tae Guek 2-YiJang-Tae
Each form performed three times: Instruction with student following, slow speed and normal speed by Grandmaster Cho.

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